Town of

Ridgeland Fire Department


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The Fire Department operates out of its headquarters, located at 49 South Railroad Avenue, Ridgeland, SC 29936. The Fire Department provides a ISO class 3 fire suppression service. All of the Fire Department staff is qualified to a Firefighter II level and medical certification of Emergency Medical Responder.

The Fire Department proudly provides community education to several groups in the Town. We educate countless school kids and community groups each year in fire safety and first aid.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our page. We are always available to answer any questions, field your concerns and discuss the fire service. I can be reached at 843-726-7522.



The Town of Ridgeland Fire Department has a Cadet Program to train our future Firefighters. The Cadet Program has 6 spaces available to students who are eager to learn about the fire fighting profession and provides first hand experience with the day to day operations of a fire department. The age range for Cadet program is 16 to 18 years of age. The Cadets are held to high standards with maintaining good grades in school and monthly training as requirements for continued participation. Please contact Chief Bonds for more information.

**Note: There are still openings in the RFD Cadet Program. Contact us




The Town of Ridgeland Fire Department mission is to be a leading fire service organization that

promotes public safety and fosters economic growth through a commitment to prevention, preparedness, 

response and recovery as an all risk life safety response provider by:

  • Meeting the needs of our community in fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue.

  • Utilizing and improving the dedication and skills of our people.

  • Constantly improving all our services and operations.

In carrying out this mission, the Town of Ridgeland Fire Department will;

  • Give top priority to firefighter safety and environmental concerns.

  • Encourage the professional and personal development of our members.

  • Work as teams to take full advantage of our skills, knowledge and creativity.

  • Communicate openly and honestly to our employees and our community to inspire trust and confidence.